Santa Cruz Slimline Rails HSR Black

Santa Cruz Slimline Rails HSR Black

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Le aliniezi paralel cu placa la distanta preferata, intre un inch si 1/8 inch de marginea skateboardului.

Daca le pui mai aproape de mijlocul placii desenul placii o sa se pastreze mai bine. Daca le pui mai aproape de marginea placii o sa iti fie usor sa apuci la grab-uri sau boneless-uri.


These new shape HSR ones are slightly lower, a touch longer and lighter weight than the regular Santa Cruz rails.  They are hollowed out a little underneath to keep the weight down to a minimum.
These ones come with 10 "phillips headed" self-tapping screws, so you don't have to drill your plank...far easier and lighter.

Dimensions (approx.)
14.5" Length (367mm)
11/16" Width (17mm)
5/16" Height (7mm)
cross section profile - one rounded side,  one more squared side
Lightly rounded corners